Trzebia family photo Catherine Kohler196Trzebia family photo Catherine Kohler196
©Trzebia family photo Catherine Kohler196|Catherine Kohler

Mulhouse and its surroundings in two days

We asked some Mulhousians or out-of-towners to show you what you can do in the city in a day according to their favorites. They answered and tell you about their habits and those little hidden things that we don’t think about when visiting a city.

Two days with

Lilia and her family

In Lilia’s family, there are also her parents, her brother Axel and her little sister Amandine. Living in Mulhouse, they like to take time with their family. And there are so many activities in the Mulhouse area that it takes 2 whole days to explore them.

Day 1

In the morning

Direction to the forêt du Waldeck in Mulhouse! This is where Lilia’s parents jog, Axel does hip-hop and Amandine enjoys nature.

Nearby this forest is the Parc zoologique et botanique of Mulhouse. Here there are lots of animals that are too cute and you can often see babies there. It’s also a place where you learn a lot about animals and how to protect them by better respecting our planet. The gardens are flowered all year long and there is a big playground.

A few minutes by car, you can walk in pretty villages with beautiful half-timbered houses like in Zimmersheim. It’s beautiful all these colors!

In the early afternoon

Back in their neighborhood, avenue Salengro, Lilia takes you to the restaurant Les 2 avenues, a restaurant where they eat both Greek and Turkish cuisine. We enjoy it every time!”

Lilia’s family goes back home and gets on the bikes, towards the Canal du Rhône au Rhin, to the Guinguette d’Illfurth. The ride is not complicated, even for children, and at the end of the road, there is the reward. Sometimes they stay for dinner at the guinguette, but mostly they go there to taste their delicious tarts where the meringue is 3 times higher than the pie! Yum!

Day 2

The morning

We take the direction of the Ecomuseum of Alsace: here there are farm animals and we discover how we lived in Alsace a… a very long time ago! You can get your hands dirty in the artisans’ workshops and you can taste what Alsatians ate back then.

For lunch

Lilia and her family eat Alsatian at La Taverne at the Alsace Ecomuseum. She loved their tartes flambées. It’s perfect to get your strength back before tackling the Little Prince Park.

The afternoon

There’s never a dull moment at Little Prince’s Park! There are plenty of activities: attractions, water games, playgrounds (that’s more for her little sister), shows… Lilia loved the Snake and South Atlantic, well, the logs from which you come out soaked! And the view from the balloon, it’s just… wow!”

What a day! If you still have some courage, come all the way downtown and discover the square de la Bourse in Mulhouse. Lilia’s family likes to take the air there, and then, on the square, there is the restaurant Au Bureau with its nice decoration. We are always well received there!

Two days with

Nadiya and her family

Nadiya, of Ukrainian origin, has lived in Mulhouse for many years! She has 2 boys, Russlan and Nikita. She works in tourism but also transmits her passion for French, which she masters perfectly, by teaching the language to Ukrainian students.

Day 1


The family starts their day at the National Automobile Museum – Schlumpf Collection. With the kids, they always take the little train that runs through the aisles and do their treasure hunt. They also like to take pictures of themselves in front of all the beautiful cars. The kids love the Bugatti Veyron and Nadiya, on the other hand, is a fan of the prestige area with the Bugatti Royales.

12:30 pm

The family comes back to town (3 streetcar stops, it’s super convenient!) and have lunch at Café Mozart, for the unobstructed view of Reunion Square and the Temple but mostly for… the desserts! Yum! The kids always take a chocolate éclair and for Nadiya, it’s as she feels like it!


To digest, head to Parc Steinbach! While the kids have a blast on the wooden playground, parents lounge in the sun among the park’s remarkable trees.


The Théâtre de la Sinne is right next to the park. That’s good timing, when there’s a show for the whole family, we like to go there. It’s a real old-fashioned theater, with a great atmosphere, and its decoration that takes you back in time!


They end their day at Wallach Park, with, why not, a picnic before nightfall. They live right next door, so it’s kind of their second garden. They always bring a game (petanque, ball, mölki…). It’s one of the largest parks on the edge of Mulhouse, with a superb French garden and a magnificent rosery.


Day 2


This morning, Nadiya and her family head to Nomad, a place they love! She really likes the place itself, because it’s a former industrial building with a trendy recycled decor inside. The kitchen is modern and suitable for all tastes. Whether you’re with family, friends, lovers… the place really appeals to everyone. But this morning, the family comes for their incredible brunch! The parents let the kids play in the space reserved for them to enjoy and take their time.


Now that they’ve eaten well, they head out to visit two other iconic museums: the Cité du Train and the Electropolis Museum, next door to each other. At the Musée Electropolis, kids love the playfulness. They can do experiments in the electrostatics theater, understand how electricity works by taking part in the little games or even complete the treasure hunt.

At the Cité du Train, you really feel transported to the past. The kids love trains and her oldest is a history buff. And so is Nadiya! If you want to know how people traveled in the past, then definitely visit. It’s really that old side that they love: seeing the old suitcases, the beautiful leather cars, the old sleeping cars… It doesn’t exist today and it’s a dream!”


Before heading home, the family heads to the Belvedere (a steel tower built in the 19th century in the Rebberg district). They enjoy the unobstructed view of Mulhouse but also of the Vosges, the Black Forest and sometimes even the Alps!