Sauerkraut - Alsatian specialtySauerkraut - Alsatian specialty
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In Mulhouse

Coming to Mulhouse means getting a taste of Alsatian specialties, but also of cuisine from around the world! You’re in for a treat! Many restaurants, from the most gastronomic to the most fast good are waiting for you. Try a little bit of everything while you’re staying here.

Mulhouse, a gourmet city

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Top 3 specialties

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Tartes flambées

A tarte flambée is just as good as an aperitif with friends as it is with a salad! We recommend the ones from Gambrinus, first because they are good and then because they have original exotic variations (but you can also taste the original!). And on top of that, at Gambrinus, you can also find good beer to accompany them 😉


Can you pronounce it? Fleischschnackas or meat snails are a specialty of the Mulhouse region. They are noodle pasta filled with a meat filling and rolled on themselves (hence the “snail”). But not a shadow of a snail in the stuffing!


Well, chocolate is not an Alsatian specialty, we grant you that. But on the other hand, we have very good chocolate makers in Mulhouse! Go taste some chocolates at Cabosse, you will tell us about it!