Covered Canal Market | Mulhouse AlsaceCovered Canal Market | Mulhouse Alsace
©Covered Canal Market | Mulhouse Alsace|Bénédicte Wirth

Mulhouse market

all the colors and flavors of the world

It is at the Mulhouse market, the largest in North East France, that the heart of the city beats every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. More than a visit not to be missed, the market is a unique experience, to be lived with all your senses on the alert.

A little history

More than 300 merchants: everything (or almost everything) can be found at the market!

The Mulhouse market is two different and complementary universes that settle, three times a week, at the Quai de la Cloche.

On one side, the textile and bazaar. Here, it’s the kingdom of gaudy fabrics, bags of all shapes, makeup, dishes…

On the other, food and horticulture. Fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, wines and cheeses, flowers and spices, specialties from Alsace, Italy and the rest of the world, delights to be savored without counting.

The common point between these two spaces? The abundance of choice, the friendliness of the shopkeepers, the quality and diversity of the products, the loyalty of the customers.

In the hall or outside, it’s good to stroll around between the stands. Let yourself be tempted ☺

Experience the market like a true Mulhousian!

Saturday morning is the best time to discover the market. We tell you.

8:30 am: arrive at the market, take a tour on the haberdashery side and choose the fabric for your new dress, or a new shell for your phone.

9 am: disembark on the food side. Explore the aisles on the left to discover small producers, and stock up on tomatoes from their garden, or plums from their orchard.

9:30am: need lots of vegetables? Exotic fruits? The merchants in the middle aisle have just what you need.

10:00 a.m.: a break is in order. Enter the hall and have a coffee, at the counter, elbow to elbow with the merchants and other market customers.

10:30 am: it’s time to choose your cheeses, your fish, your antipasti, your little Moroccan (oriental?) cakes, your spices: it’s all there! Dreaming of cooking your first Alsatian dish? Many stands of local pork butchers offer their homemade specialties …

12:00 noon: shopping finished ? Go and enjoy a good sauerkraut at the restaurant “Aux Halles du Marché”, or take a chicken yassa at one of the food trucks outside that you will take away. And don’t forget to taste the selection of the day at the sommelier’s!”

3 reasons to visit the market

Travel the world without leaving Mulhouse!

Charcuteries from Alsace, olive oil from Kalamata, blood sausage from Sundgau, salted cod from Portugal, dried tomatoes from Italy, munster from the Vosges, spices from India, shrimp from Madagascar, gazelle horns from the Maghreb, ceps from the Périgord, etc.: Mulhouse market loves local produce and specialties from all over the world!

Products for all budgets

At the Mulhouse market, no fuss, there is something for everyone: organic or not, exceptional or everyday cheeses, delicate fish or all-you-can-eat sausages, strawberries from the garden and mangoes from the ends of the earth… What do they have in common? The pleasure of leaving with a bag full of good things, and a smile on your face.

The market is not for tourists

Or rather: you will not be a tourist at the market, because you will live a unique experience. You will see inhabitants and shopkeepers in their daily life, you will wait your turn exchanging a few words with your neighbor, and, who knows, you will probably be given the recipe for fleischschnackas or your first Alsatian lesson.

How to take advantage of the market?


26 Quai de la Cloche – 68100 Mulhouse

Bus : line 11 or 16, stop “Canal Couvert”

Tram : line 2, 3 or tram-train, stop “Porte Haute”

Car : 2 parking lots, free for 1h

Bike : Vélocité station nearby

Electric shuttle : passage every 15 minutes from the city center