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A Greeter ? Was esch's* ?

Discovering Mulhouse and its surroundings with a Greeter is like discovering a new environment with a friend. They will show you their favorite places, the restaurants where they like to have lunch with their family or friends and will advise you on what to do or what not to miss. They’ll give you lots of good ideas!

A Greeter is an inhabitant of Mulhouse and its region who wishes to share their vision of the city, the nearby surroundings and Alsace with French and foreign visitors.

They are people open to different cultures, often passionate about an aspect of local life, of all ages and backgrounds.

In contrast to a guide, with a professional card that will provide you with a wide knowledge of the places visited, a Greeter is a volunteer, just as welcoming, who makes you discover their region in a unique and authentic way. The themes of the greets are varied and are above all a pretext for a meeting, a rich human experience and a cultural exchange that remain the basis of the appointment.

This meeting is free for the visitor: in order to allow the Tourist Office to best connect the visitor and the Greeter, click on the link “I book a greet with a Greeter”. An appointment will then be set for the meeting.

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Our Greeters

Get to know the Greeters of Mulhouse Alsace who will be at your disposal to share their good tips and make you discover Mulhouse and its surroundings as you have never seen them before.


A little... a lot... passionately... and by bike, discover Mulhouse differently!

Riding on secure urban bike paths, I will make you discover all the facets and richness of Mulhouse and its surroundings.

In a few turns of the wheel, I will take you on the traces of Mulhouse’s industrial heritage, as many destinations accessible by bike, to be discovered according to your own interests. You are the one who makes the program !

You have your own bikes: perfect. If not: rental possible by the hour or by the day. Direct departure from your place of stay or at your convenience. So… see you soon, “Together” and “Otherwise”, but… by bike!”

Languages spoken: French, German


Mulhouse... and much more!

I was born and raised in Mulhouse.

Nice little corners and parks are the places that attract me. I also like to walk around the Canal Couvert market (I actually had the opportunity to work there) where the multicultural atmosphere represents well the richness and the local diversity. This diversity is also what attracts me to our very close neighbors (barely 1/2 hour drive) which are the Germans and the Swiss (including in particular the city of Basel, which is also beautiful and full of history). There too, there are many amazing and new things to discover.

Discovering a new restaurant or a nice bar are also among my favorite pleasures. Amateur de bons vins, I naturally cannot omit to mention the Alsace Wine Route which is full of many beautiful villages that I love to rediscover each time. My origins being in the Alsatian countryside of the Sundgau, it is naturally a place that I know well and that I will be delighted to make you discover.

Languages spoken: French, English, German, Portuguese


In Alsace, there are storks but there is also Sylvie and her walks!

My proudly worn focus will take you to the land of pretzels, sauerkraut and other enchantments that Mulhouse hides from us.

I suggest you accompany me to the bend of my “bredalas” (small Christmas cakes), pretty corners of nature or to the bend of an “Alsatian delicacies” workshop at my house, with or without the children.

We will go looking for the wolf in the woods through the slides or walk across the borders. A few adventures in the area: cross the Swiss or German borders or just the surrounding towns, so be it, let’s go! Without any complex, I will say “hopla” !

Pretzel and mulled wine (in winter !) under the arm, let’s go to the adventure of my city where the storks will lead us in an unforgettable adventure and filled with Alsatian flavors

Language spoken : French

Philippe BRESSON

Let's walk through two centuries of laughter and tears

I had a dream: to make people love my city by talking about my passion for history.

I will introduce you to famous characters, rocky stories and anecdotes!

I am particularly fond of the stories of the 1st World War with these families torn apart, because they had sons in both camps or the story of the “Malgré-nous”, those forcibly enlisted during the Second World War.

I will finish by discovering the jewels that made the glory of Mulhouse.

Welcome to Mulhouse and come to see Alsace in a different way.

Language spoken: French


Let's turn the wheel of Mulhouse together!

Amateur of art, history and music lover, I will have the pleasure to meet you to make you discover the many facets of my city and its good tips.

Together, we will be able to walk at your leisure, at the pace of a walker, as we stroll between the traditions of the past and the innovations of the present: from the historic heart of the city to its most recent neighborhoods, without forgetting the urban parks, or the surrounding hills for those who enjoy nature walks.

So, see you soon to share a little bit of the Mulhouse way, whether in French, German, English or Alsatian!

Languages spoken: French, English, German

Karine TOSCH

Mulhouse, a city on the move with friendly inhabitants!

I will be happy to make you discover typical or mythical places of our Mulhouse region through :


  • in the heart of Mulhouse and through its market;
  • on the heights of Rebberg and see the city from above in the hills of Rixheim;
  • in the first foothills of the Black Forest in our German neighbors, 20 minutes from Mulhouse, a view of the Alsace plain, the Vosges and the Bernese Alps in clear weather.

Bicycle rides

  • on the Rhone to Rhine canal, a break at the guinguette, the port of Kembs or the Parc des Eaux vives in Huningue ;
  • on the picturesque Sundgau cycle track (allow 1/2 day)

And if you prefer to discover the Mulhouse nightlife, let’s spend together a musical evening according to the program of the moment, at the Noumatrouff or on a terrace.

Languages spoken: French, English, German


Denis or Ned, it's up to you

I was born in Mulhouse in 1952, in the Cité district. Retired, I have devoted my career to Graphic Industries, from apprentice at Arts-Graphiques DMC to master in a German company. I will know how to speak to you with passion about this activity which draws its origins from the history of textiles. Very attached to the district of Dornach, that of my youth, I will know how to evoke it under the aspect of another way of life with shops of yesteryear, today often disappeared.

During my adolescence, I was a chess player in our city, hobby resumed recently. I now devote my time to interests such as ferromodeling (I am a member of RAMCAS which meets at the Cité du Train), astronomy, photography and electronics, another passion for 1/2 century, which I had wanted to make my profession. I have partly realized this dream by practicing amateur radio for several decades.

Spoken languages: French, English, German, Spanish

Simon BAS

Take a walk in Mulhouse with me and have a look at the "museums" !

Mulhouse native, I also live and work there. However, I remain very proud and attached to my Catalan origins.

Mulhouse is a beautiful city where life is good. You ask to see?

Well, as a lover of the city of the Bollwerk, I also propose you to accompany me on a walk to discover the treasures of the city. I also propose you to discover with me the restaurants, the bars and the tea rooms as well as the bookshops that I regularly visit. I am passionate about history, literature, painting, cinema, soccer and metal music.

I am fluent in Spanish (which I teach in secondary school) and Catalan.

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish.

Christian COULON

Beautiful escapes in the hills: let's discover the heritage of the villages

After a career as a chemist in the industry, I now wish to devote myself to my different passions that are history, heritage and nature, while remaining open to other cultures.

Do-it-yourself, gardening in nature, photography and travel organization also occupy me a lot.

As far as heritage is concerned, I am more particularly interested in architecture (half-timbered houses, cult buildings, rural crosses, bourgeois houses, old factories, etc.) and the environment (landscapes, viewpoints, vineyards and orchards, natural gardens and wild plants…).

Depending on your desires, I therefore propose different walks in town, in the close countryside, on the surrounding hills or even in the villages of the Sundgau.

I therefore look forward to seeing you for a next meeting. See you soon…

Languages spoken: French, English, German

Thierry SEE

Long live industrial heritage!

Mulhousian since my early childhood, I love my city and I have great pleasure in sharing this love.

Retired since 2012 after more than 40 years of too busy professional life, I finally have the time to take my time and share it with others.

The formidable industrial development of our city calls out to me. All these emblematic places and neighborhoods that I love are the ideal pretext for friendly walks and exchanges.

Languages spoken: French, Italian


Mulhouse differently? Of course with the children!

I arrived in Alsace about 15 years ago, when I trained to be a school teacher. Passionate about travel and encounters, I have always involved my children, whenever possible, so that they share these exceptional moments.

I have found in my close environment multiple opportunities for them to blossom: sports, environmental awareness through nature outings and approaching animals, cultural activities…

I can offer walking or biking in a varied environment: forest, fields, river, canal… The boat preparing for the passage of the lock or the vestiges of the “great war” are also very interesting to discover.

Another place that seems to me unavoidable in Mulhouse: the Zoological and Botanical Park. Watching the little cubs coming out of their den or the panther basking in the sun, as well as the acrobatics of the gibbons… so many opportunities to go and meet animals, sometimes little known, often disconcerting.

Join me soon!”

Languages spoken: French, English

Raymond WEIGEL

Let's share together and wish!

Mulhousian by birth and by heart, I invite you to share with a me a particular look at this city of Mulhouse and its close region taking into account your own passions and interests.

For example, we can together:

  • walk around the city according to your own desires;
  • oxygenate ourselves in the gardens and parks;
  • go on short easy hikes in nature;
  • do a bike ride a little further along the Rhine strip.

Bref, you will be able to ask me anything according to your wishes, because a city or region that one knows little or nothing at all often hides treasures that deserve a detour.

By dint of running day after day, we no longer take the time to look around and many things remain hidden from our eyes as a result. My passion for travel and photography have given me another vision of things that I would like to share with you in a friendly spirit.

Languages spoken: French, German

Françoise HUND

Let's discover the richness and originality of Mulhouse!

I was born in Mulhouse and it is with pleasure that I propose to introduce you to this city with its rich historical and industrial past.

If you come to Mulhouse at Christmas time, in December, I will lead you in the city center with a particularly magical, fairy-tale face, as in the whole of Alsace.

So, walks in the city or a little detour in our magnificent parks and gardens? Let yourself be tempted…

Languages spoken: French, English, German


An original, surprising and cosmopolitan vision of Mulhouse

I was born in Mulhouse and studied there, before becoming a school teacher. I love to travel and discover the world, other countries, other cities, other stories. And I am convinced that Mulhouse really deserves to be discovered, because its geography often confuses and sometimes puts off.

It conceals much more wealth than it reveals at first glance. And then, our city is in the heart of an extraordinary region, straddling three countries, which shares a culture, traditions and destiny.

Today, Mulhouse is, in its own way, a small world city whose future constitutes an exciting adventure.

Why not discover it together by bicycle, for example? Ready for many surprising discoveries?

Languages spoken: French, English, German, Spanish


Discover Mulhouse, an exceptional textile heritage!

I propose to be a guiding thread in a city that hides multiple treasures, witnesses of the prestigious past of a flourishing Mulhouse in the last centuries.

We will go to meet mythical sites, jewels of this Manchester of textile.

Beyond Mulhouse, textile has woven its fabric in the Vosges valleys… We will stroll through the Parc de Wesserling, a special universe that brings together all the vestiges of a royal factory with international influence.

But I won’t say any more: come and we will weave together an unforgettable adventure.

Language spoken: French