Bike path along the canalBike path along the canal
©Bike path along the canal|Bénédicte Wirth

3 bike ride ideas

These 3 rides are brought to you by Laurène Philippot, an Alsatian blogger who recounts her discoveries on Carnet d’Escapades and Mon Week-End en Alsace. When she’s not riding, she’s crisscrossing the roads on her bike. She tested 2 loops around Mulhouse and even created one!

Urban art and industrial heritage

2h – 30 km – 160m of positive altitude difference

This is an ideal loop to discover the different neighborhoods of Mulhouse and the surrounding communes. Along the way, you will ride through the city’s industrial past as well as urban art sports.

Stage 1
We start the route at Mulhouse train station, riding along the canal to the Foundry district.

Stage 2
Once at the Illberg, the loop continues in the direction of several former industrial sites and workers’ housing estates. You’ll pass by the covered canal where the Mulhouse Market is held. A few minutes away is the DMC site, still partly in operation for the brand that makes the famous embroidery thread. This is where Motoco is located, which houses artists’ studios and the Climbing Mulhouse Center.

Stage 3
Finally, the itinerary leaves Mulhouse to reach Rixheim, where you can visit the Musée du Papier Peint. To finish well and reach Mulhouse, a rather steep hill awaits you, beware, it will put your calves and your breath to the test!

Forest and waterways around Mulhouse

2h15 – 30,5 km – 12 m of positive difference in altitude

This tour starting from the Mulhouse train station will take you along rivers and canals. Perfect for those who want to discover the surroundings of Mulhouse and enjoy the nature spots!

Stage 1
Start by riding along the Rhone to Rhine Canal following the Eurovélo 6 route, direction Rixheim.

Stage 2
You will arrive at the Pont du Bouc, at which level you will have to climb to continue on a tarred and linear path through the Hardt forest, a Natura 2000 special protection area for wild birds.

Stage 3
Once you reach a lock, take the path through the forest on which you continue for a few kilometers through Baldersheim. The tour continues through the fields to Sausheim, where you will ride along the bucolic Quatelbach stream following the Eurovélo 5 which will take you through Illzach. Finally, return to the Mulhouse train station through the Nouveau Bassin district.

Bicycle tour in the Rhine strip from Mulhouse

3h30 (not including breaks for sightseeing) – 58 km – about 100m of positive elevation change

This bike loop, imagined by Laurène, starting from the Mulhouse train station will allow you to discover the Rhine strip by taking many bike lanes.

Stage 1 – The Rhone to Rhine Canal and the Hardt Forest
The route starts by going along the Rhone to Rhine Canal, on Eurovélo 6. We then leave it slightly while still following the bike path, which passes through Riedisheim to join the canal again.

Arrived at the Pont du Bouc, we leave the Eurovélo 6 to climb on the bridge, then we take a paved road that crosses in a straight line the Forêt de la Hardt. A road going to Ottmarsheim cuts the way. After crossing the road, take the bicycle path slightly to the right which will lead you to a new road. At this intersection, turn right to reach Bantzenheim where the Grange à Bécanes is located, which you can visit.

Step 2 – Ottmarsheim Abbey Church
From Bantzenheim, you can reach Ottmarsheim in 10 minutes by following the Eurovélo 15. You can admire the abbey church of Ottmarsheim, a small jewel of Romanesque art, famous for its amazing octagonal plan inspired by the chapel of Aachen.

Stage 3 – The castles of Hombourg
Always following the Eurovélo 15, which takes a bike path through the fields, you will arrive in Hombourg. Take advantage of this stage to stop at two castles, one is located on the roadside and the second one a few minutes away at the golf course parking.

Stage 4 – Niffer Locks
Continuing on the same bike path, you will arrive at the Niffer Locks and in particular the Le Corbusier Lock, where you may be lucky enough to see a boat go by and see the main lock in operation!

To return to the starting point, continue along the canal to Mulhouse, following the Eurovélo 6 again and passing through Riedisheim.