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Basel may be a Swiss city but it is only half an hour away from Mulhouse by car or train. It is a city that deserves a visit during your stay in Mulhouse.

Basel (or Basel) is a city located in northwestern Switzerland, in close proximity to Germany and France. It is an industrial city with many chemical plants, but it is also known for its many museums, lively pedestrian streets and medieval architecture.

The old town is a must-see for architecture lovers. The cobblestone streets and historic buildings offer a glimpse into the city’s history. You’ll also love strolling along the Rhine River that runs through the city (you can even swim in it on some occasions in the summer).

This is a great trip to take from Mulhouse!

Useful information

You can get to Basel by car, but parking is expensive and beware, you will have to pay in Swiss francs! You won’t need a vignette as long as you don’t take the Swiss highway.
You also have the option of parking in Saint-Louis in France and then taking the Basel streetcar that goes there.

But you can very well go to Basel by TER (trains run every 30 minutes) and walk or take the streetcar once you’re there.

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