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Mulhouse and its surroundings in one day

We asked some Mulhousians or out-of-towners to show you what you can do in the city in a day according to their favorites. They answered and tell you about their habits and those little hidden things that we don’t think about when visiting a city.

A day with Magali Magail

Manager of the Club Volley Mulhouse Alsace

The Club Volley Mulhouse Alsace is one of the leading women’s clubs in the French championship! Magali Magail grew up in Mulhouse and loves her city deeply!


To start the day, Magali takes you to the Zoological and Botanical Park. When she was little, she used to come there every Sunday. It really is one of the must-see places in Mulhouse! Not all cities are lucky enough to have a place like this. She loves the polar bears: it’s her favorite place in the park.


We go back down to town. For lunch, Magali suggests the semi-gastronomic restaurant le 4 which offers very good menus with seasonal products.


How about a little more exploration of the city? Let’s first take a jump on the Place de la Réunion. Magali is really proud to take her friends there in all seasons, for the Christmas Market too. It is colorful, pleasant and you can stop on one of the terraces to enjoy it.
She also likes the Steinbach Park, for the luminosity and the trees. It is a soothing place.
Then we make a jump in the Engelmann gallery (which includes a bookstore, an Italian caterer, a pastry shop, an organic grocery store and a café). Here Magali likes to wander around the bookshop 47° Nord or to be advised for a good wine at Clos 3/4. The manager talks about his wines with such passion! She often ends her little tour with a coffee.


Magali invites you to enter the place where she certainly spends the most time in Mulhouse: the Palais des Sports! And yes, to end the day, you will attend a match of the Mulhouse volleyball team. You will see, the atmosphere of the Palais des Sports is really exceptional! Before the match, as soon as the doors open, there are always animations for the whole family, food trucks and as soon as the match starts, the public is behind its players. Red and black dress code strongly recommended!

A day with Sylvie Sevin

Embroiderer and designer, tester for DMC, campground manager, etc.

Sylvie Sevin is a hyperactive person who is always on a roll. It shows in the program she has concocted for you!


Sylvie takes you by streetcar to the National Automobile Museum. She loves her shiny old cars! She feels like she’s out of time and into the modern world. She imagines herself in her garage, admiring her own car… Looking at the sublime vehicles, she feels like a princess with her driver.

1:30 pm

After having lunch at the Atalante, the museum’s restaurant, we go to the autodrome where it is possible to drive a vintage or sports car.


We take again the streetcar and we take advantage of it to pass in front of some curiosities of the city: Tower of the Devil, Tower of Europe… As the children, Sylvie loves to make turns in tramway!
She leaves again on foot to continue her exploration and passes in front of the Tower of the Bollwerk and the jewelry store of the same name. She stops at Place de la Réunion – it’s her favorite – and she drops by the Historical Museum to see the klapperstein that sticks out its tongue. 
Hurry, hurry, she leaves again, passing by Rue Henriette and she makes a stop at her friend Marie-Jo Gebel’s store (a textile designer well known to Mulhousians). 
At the end of the street, she indulges herself with an ice cream at Il Gelato.

4:30 pm

After passing through the magnificent Place de la Bourse, Sylvie goes to the Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes where we discover the large room with its wooden boards as well as other rooms presenting textile objects, some of which will not be unknown to you. On the first floor, you can see the prints put forward in a temporary exhibition. Sylvie knows this museum so well that she really feels at home here!

5:30 pm

On the way to the train station, Sylvie makes a detour to the Schweissdissi (the sweating man), an impressive statue in Tivoli Park. She is always in admiration in front of this big man who reminds her of her countryside, of the people who sweated while coming back from work in the fields. But it’s also a bit of her when she comes back from the garden!

A day with The Hook

Rock band from Mulhouse

The Hook is a rock band from Mulhouse, composed of 4 members : Joe on vocals, Hugo on guitar, Dylan on bass and Eric on drums. Their influences? Rock from the 60’s to the 80’s or blues, the Stones, Led Zeppelin or The Doors. They have the look and attitude of real rockers! So, what do you expect when you spend the day with them?


The day starts quite late, depending on the evening of the previous day. We meet around a good coffee and a breakfast at the Vanilla Café, place de la Paix.

“We come to drink a coffee with friends, the rolls are crispy and soft there” (Hugo)


Generally, they don’t stop for lunch, given the late hour of the alarm clock. But they rehearse for a good part of the day at the Noumatrouff, the alternative music venue in Mulhouse.


They go for a walk down the rue des Franciscains, to their favorite record store, Mélodie en sous-sol.

“It’s the only record store where I’ve been finding gems for a very long time.” (Hugo)

“Eric is super cool, he’s a buddy. He has an awesome rock culture and he only has what he likes in stock! Even my buddies from Paris loved going. They left with their arms full of vinyl!”


Before they leave to play or else attend a concert, they take a trip to the Gambrinus. Here, they like the atmosphere, the playlist, the music. And they come especially for Jipé’s welcome! He is a great music lover who has always supported them by programming them since the beginning.


Direction to the Noumatrouff, the emblematic venue of Mulhouse. It’s the band’s headquarters: they rehearse there, they did residencies there and they play there. That’s where they gave their first concert. Olivier Dieterlen (the director of the venue) supports them wholeheartedly.

“Without him, we wouldn’t be here. It’s our mythical hall! A great moment? It was a live stream concert at the Nouma that was broadcast live at the Gambrinus!”


After playing in Mulhouse, they have a meal at Hug’s.

“Their cordon bleu, 20 minutes of cooking, 500 grams of happiness! With extra sauce, of course!” (Hugo)

“Or maybe a Gargantua tartar: it’s the most enormous!” (Dylan)

A day with Kantutita

Of Swiss origin and Mulhousian by adoption

Kantutita is a writer for a magazine and runs two blogs Birds and Bicycles, a lifestyle blog and Yapaslefeuaulac, a blog to introduce the French to Switzerland and the Swiss to France. She fell in love with the city but also with its location, just a stone’s throw from the Vosges mountains that she loves so much.


What if we started with a tour in downtown Mulhouse? Kantutita wants you to discover the heritage and, of course, her favorites:

  • the Place de la Bourse with its magnificent arcades
  • the unavoidable Place de la Réunion with its colorful facades and its old City Hall. Do not hesitate to enter the museum it houses to admire the council chamber, with many carved wooden elements.
  • on the way, pay attention not to miss the street art spots: the mailboxes of C215, the road signs of CLET…

To get her strength back, she takes a little break in her favorite cafe, rue des Franciscains: the Kohi! She has her habits: a cappuccino with vegetable milk and a sweetness.
And to finish, we do not forget her favorite shopping addresses, as the record store “Melody in the basement” in this street all paved that she loves. Or the small bookstores like the Japanese bookstore “Le Temple d’Inari”. Often, pretty little addresses are hidden in small streets or cute passages, like the passage du théâtre, the Engelmann gallery…


Lunch break at Chez Henriette, a true institution that is located in the street of the same name. I take my favorite Alsatian dish, discovered while living here: surlawerla (sliced liver) with spaetzle!


After lunch, head to the Musée de l’Impression sur Etoffes. This is a museum where she likes to spend time in Mulhouse. Visiting it is an exciting journey between art and technique. She always gets an eyeful of the wonderful designs on display.


At snack time, Kantutita will take you for a stroll through the charming Rebberg district, up to the Belvedere. Be careful, it climbs but as you go up, you walk through pretty little streets and fall under the spell of the beautiful mansions with their large gardens.

Before going back down to the city, she passes by the Parc du Réservoir. She really likes to stop in this small park to see the sunset. It’s a beautiful view of the city!


To end the evening, we’ll have dinner at one of her favorite world cuisine restaurants. Mulhouse is full of them! Tonight, it will be Spanish cuisine under the arcades of the Place de la Bourse, at Los Buenos Dias. Kantutita recommends the calamari à la Andaluza and the generous toast. It really feels like it, between the tapas, the sangria and the warm atmosphere!