The Rebberg - Mulhouse AlsaceThe Rebberg - Mulhouse Alsace
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The Rebberg

The Rebberg is the district of the large houses and villas of the Mulhouse industrialists. Located on a hill behind the Mulhouse train station, the place has to be earned!

On the heights of Mulhouse, the Rebberg is the symbolic district of Mulhouse prosperity. With its villas of varied architectural styles and their gardens rich in plant species from all over the world, between which paths wind, it is worth a visit.

Here, a group of philanthropic Mulhouse industrialists created the ancestor of the Zoological and Botanical Park in 1868 to allow workers to occupy themselves with healthy distractions outside of their work hours (walks, animals, gymnastics, concerts…) They also actively participated in the creation of the Hasenrain hospital at the end of the 19th century.

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To get to the Rebberg district, start climbing the hill behind Mulhouse train station.

Take the many small streets to explore the neighborhood and discover some beautiful villas.

Good plan!

Discover the Rebberg district with two guided tours (only in French): the Lower Rebberg and the Upper Rebberg.

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