What's a Greeter?

International Greeter Association

FFG Fédération France Greeters

Greeter is a local of Regional Mulhouse who wants to share their vision of the city, places nearby and Alsace, with visitors from around the globe. These people are open to different cultures, passionate about an aspect of the local life, are all ages and come from all different backgrounds.

A Greeter is NOT a guide. They are a volunteer who can share their region in a unique and authentic way, and whom is able to personalise the visit based on the interests and requests of the visitors. The themes of the visits are varied, and are meant to provide an enriching human exchange of cultures.

These visits are free for visitors. In order to allow the Mulhouse Regional Tourist Office to best match visitors with the available Greeters, you need to click on the link "Meet a greeter" on each Greeter profile to book a visit. A meeting point will be fixed afterwards for the Greeting.