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Mining and Potash Museum

The mines, which are now closed, provided a living for thousands of people in search of potassium salt. The Mine and Potash Museum tells you a part of the history of the potash basin which contributed to the life of a whole population during a hundred years.

The Museum

Located in the Potash Basin, in Wittelsheim, the Musée de la Mine et de la Potasse takes you through the century-old epic of potash in Alsace, from its exploitation to the miner’s profession.

The vein, discovered in this same village in 1904 and exploited for about a century, has shaped the face of this territory northwest of Mulhouse: terrils, tiles (the most impressive of which is certainly the Rodolphe tile in Pulversheim), worker’s housing estates… Visitors can discover all this heritage through the Potash Road.

The museum occupies the former checkroom of the Carreau Joseph- Else. You’ll also find a mineralogical collection, founded as far back as 1926 and featuring potash samples from around the world in a vintage atmosphere. In the hangers’ room (this is where the hooks with their work clothes were hung), the collection of objects related to the mine (lamps, tools…) helps to discover this profession. But it is especially the visits of the museum and the testimonies of volunteers, often former miners, which immerse you in their daily life, as if you were there!

How to enjoy the museum?


22 avenue Joseph Else
68360 Wittelsheim

+33 (0) 7 84 57 51 76

GPS coordinates 47°46’49.314” N 7°13’40.598” E

Free parking

Access by public transport:

Train: Mulhouse Graffenwald station (Mulhouse-Kruth line) 220m walk

Tram: Tram-Train, Graffenwald station 220m walk

Adults: 6 €

Children from 4 to 17 years old: 4 €

Family formula (4 people including 2 adults): 15 €

Reduced price (jobseekers, disabled person with companion, students up to 26 years old, teachers): 4 €

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