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In Mulhouse, street art is everywhere!

Do you like living art, art that is visible at street corners or on walls? Get your trainers on and pick up your camera; we’re taking you for street art safari.
Painted walls – an age-old tradition

Painted walls – an age-old tradition

Place de la Réunion looks out over the town hall, one of the town’s oldest painted walls (or rather buildings)! Built in 1552, its facade was decorated that same year.

At Place de la Reunion again, and rue Henriette, the guild halls offer up their ornate facades, while Mieg House is a page out of Swiss history.

Much more recently, other painted walls continue to tell stories of the city’s past - Rue Jacques Preiss, a fresco by Dyminski celebrates the bicentenary of the joining of Mulhouse to France, while on Avenue Kennedy, the same artist gives chemistry pride of place.

Artists have given free rein to their imagination in many places, for example the very colourful Seed Sower by Inti near the Market or the trompe l'oeil at the Cour des Maréchaux.

At the corner of almost every street, art is omnipresent on the walls of Mulhouse!

Sculptures, installations – street art 3D style

Sculptures, installations – street art 3D style

The city is dotted with cherished and unusual sculptures just waiting to be discovered, while urban projects are also "dressed" in exclusive creations.

In front of Porte Jeune, Yves Carrey's "Schweissdissi" echoes the eponymous statue at Tivoli Park built in 1905.

Livia de Poli's work brings colour to the Musée des Beaux-Arts, while Sébastien Haller transforms his fun-filled world into a dynamic sculpture on display at Mulhouse Zoo.

In Mulhouse you can also see cows in front of the town hall, sheep at Porte Haute, or characters "without stabilisers" at the Cours des Franciscans.

Buren’s Tram / Trame arches and the Reynaud columns are among the city’s most emblematic works, giving it a whole new dimension.

3 reasons to discover the Street Art in Mulhouse

The M.U.R - an ephemeral area of free speech

There is a place in Mulhouse where street art is more than welcome, it’s highly respected!

Every month, this M.U.R (Modular, Urban, Responsive), located Rue de la Moselle, hosts a different creation from street art artists, by invitation from the Epistrophe Association.

The ideal location in a very lively street close to the Rue du Sauvage shopping area ensures it enjoys maximum visibility.

Extremely colourful or delicately monochrome, figurative or abstract, with or without lettering, these unique and ephemeral creations are all works of art in the heart of the city.

A festival of urban mechanics

A stone's throw from the city centre, along the River Ill, follow the cycle path and discover the most amazing open-air street art gallery.

At the fishermen's wharf, the walls have been entirely overtaken by graffiti artists. Their spectacular creations rub shoulders and communicate to emphasize the diversity and quality of street art.

Each year in June, the Bozars Festival, now known as Urban Mechanics, invites artists from the region for a weekend of creativity. An gathering of different events at Fishermen's wharf, but also in other emblematic spots such as Motoco. If you’re in the area at that time, it’s an event not to be missed!

1001 other aspects of art in the streets of Mulhouse

Street art is everywhere in Mulhouse, even in some rather unusual places.

21 post-boxes painted by C215 are interspersed throughout the city: portraits of artists (Renaud, Gainsbourg, etc.), animals, and so on.

As for Clet, he has taken over traffic signs and urban furniture with his characters inspired by comics and video games.

The mysterious graffiti artist Zer has left his mark everywhere in Mulhouse and the surrounding areas. Have fun counting his imprints on the city walls ☺

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    The best way to discover street-art in Mulhouse is by bike or on foot.
    Take advantage of the free electric shuttle into the city centre.

    Go digital to discover the street art tour, also available for download on your Smartphone using the Cirkwi app.

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