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Cité de l’Automobile – Schlumpf Collectionfor fans of classic cars

Considered a jewel among the museums of Mulhouse, and for good reason - the unique collection at the old Schlumpf Museum makes it the most prestigious automobile museum in the world!
Once upon a time... lived the Schlumpf family

Once upon a time... lived the Schlumpf family

Since purchasing their first company in 1935, the Schlumpf brothers, Hans and Fritz, started by investing in the Mulhouse textile industry. But between 1961 and 1963 Fritz secretly began buying a number of classic cars.

After two years, as the collection went from strength to strength, an idea began to take root in his mind. So he refurbished one of his factories to make a huge 17,000 m² showroom.

But a crisis at the Schlumpf factory in 1976 thwarted his project and in an attempt to escape pursuit the two brothers took refuge in Basel. The "Schlumpf affair" lasted until 1979 and the collection went on sale the following year.

Purchased by the National Car Museum Association, the museum opened its doors in 1982. Renovated and modernised in 2000, it was renamed the Cité de l'Automobile in 2006.

Cité de l'Automobile - not to be missed

Cité de l'Automobile - not to be missed

You cannot fail to be moved by the monumental entrance to the museum. Before you, an imposing wood, glass and steel door is decorated with cars suspended several metres above for an immediate ‘wow’ factor.

Upon entering the museum, you will follow a wall of images that plunges you almost immediately into the depths of automobile passion.

In the first section, the visit starts by telling the story of the automobile adventure throughout the ages, from the oldest to more modern vehicles. A story broken down into 243 iconic models, all impeccably aligned.

The two sections entitled ‘racing’ and ‘dream cars’ gather together some exceptional models whose shiny chromes and curves will not fail to dazzle you!

And finally make way for the stars of the museum, the iconic and extremely rare Bugatti Royale and Bugatti Veyron with its breathtaking speed record!

3 reasons to visit the Cité de l’Automobile – Schlumpf Collection

Bugatti - the jewels of the collection

There are only six in the world and two of them are on show at the Cité de l'Automobile: the Bugatti Royale is undoubtedly the jewel of the museum.

An outrageous car in every sense of the word, its characteristics will make your head spin: 6m long, evaluated at between 200 and 300 horsepower. Intended for kings and millionaires, this outstanding limousine never found an owner. But it did become a legend.

You can admire the Bugatti Royale "Coupé Napoléon", Ettore Bugatti's personal car, and the Bugatti Royale Esders in unusual green tones and perfect lines.

A worthy heir to its ancestor, the Bugatti Veyron, manufactured in Molsheim, Alsace, continues the quest for elegance and style as well as mechanics and performance since this supercar holds an impressive speed record of 431 km/h.

Discover the private collections - see the museum in a different light

Wouldn’t you love to know how vintage cars are restored to their former beauty? Do you wonder about the ‘life’ of a vintage car? Are you mad about what goes on under the bonnet? Three dedicated areas focus on these very subjects.

The private collections are also worth seeing. Admire the figurines that adorn car bonnets in the mascot collection, including the famous Rolls Royce "Spirit of Ecstasy". And children (adults too) might like the Jammet Collection of more than 100 children's cars for an emotional trip down memory lane.

Activities - for a fun and interactive visit

In addition to the collection, see the museum from a different perspective!

For example, discover two real assembly-line robots in action (from the PSA Peugeot Citroën factory), have a photograph taken at the wheel of a Talbot, or experience the thrill of the rollover in a specially adapted vehicle.

Depending on the calendar of events, you can watch classic cars being driven around the track at the autodrome or watch the “On the Track!" show which takes place from the end of March to the end of September.

Your children can experience the magic of the automobile in a dedicated area where they might enjoy a spin on the kart track, play the apprentice mechanic or draw the car of their dreams.

  • Address & access

    17 rue de la Mertzau 

    68100 Mulhouse
    +33 (0) 389 33 23 23

    Bus: line 10, stop "Museum of the Automobile".
    Tram: line 1, stop "Museum of the Auto".
    Car: large pay car park nearby.
    Bicycles: Vélocité station rue de la Mertzau.

    Mandatory ticket reservation: www.citedelautomobile.com

  • Dates & times

    The museum is open every day (except December 25th).

    From May 19th to November 1st: from 10am to 6pm
    From November 2nd to January 2nd, 2022: from 10am to 5pm

    Ticket reservation is advised: www.citedelautomobile.com

    Presentation of the Health Pass obligatory for over 18s / from 30 August for over 12s (vaccination certificate (2nd dose) more than 7 days old OR PCR or antigenic test certificate less than 48 hours old OR COVID-19 recovery certificate) which can be presented in paper or digital form. Proof of identity will be requested in addition to the Health Pass.

  • Prices

    Full price: 14€ / Reduced price: 11€
    Senior rate: 13€
    Children: 10€ (free for children under 7)

    Visit the Cité de l'Automobile + "On the Track!" Show
    Price valid every weekend and public holidays from April to September
    Full price: 16€ / Reduced price: 12.50€
    Senior rate: 15€
    Children: 11,50€ (free for children under 7)

    Family ticket: 48€ (2 adults and 2 children aged 7 to 25)

    Mandatory ticket reservation: www.citedelautomobile.com

    Special deal: Cité de l'Automobile - Schlumpf Collection is part of the Mulhouse City Pass! Take advantage of our special offer to visit the museum and enjoy many other benefits.

More information on the Cité de l'Automobile: www.citedelautomobile.com

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