Special automobiles

Here in Mulhouse, we manufacture thousands of vehicles every day. Here in Mulhouse, we are busy inventing the car of the future. Here in Mulhouse, we make old bangers feel wanted so they can, once more, be the gorgeous gleaming machines they once were. Yes, here in Mulhouse, we know what the names Bugatti, Ferrari, Peugeot or Rolls stand for.
  • Picture from Fun Car Show

    Fun Car Show

    Hot wheels

    For the perfect Fun Car show, you need a few tons of mud, dozens of clapped-out bangers and almost as many crazy drivers. Get them all going round in circles while the tuning freaks do their limos’ nails. Serve hot!

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  • Picture from The racetrack

    The racetrack

    Go for it, old-timers!

    Breaking news : a car runs smoothly. Even when it’s been packed off to a museum for the rest of its days. We’ve got to take care of them, though, and not go out driving them madly. When they come out to race, it’s a real crowd-puller - like a mechanical version of feeding time at the zoo...

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  • Picture from Bugatti Royale

    Bugatti Royale


    Shush, there she is, the star... She’s not fierce, but she can get on her high horse if she is not treated with respect. She’s a diva who’s had her share of glory days and bright lights and, when it comes to beauty, she can put far younger models than her to shame. Show a little respect, please!

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  • Picture from Anneau du Rhin racetrack

    Anneau du Rhin racetrack

    The ring of the lords

    Hey, Fangio, fed up of averaging 35 kph with speed limit of 130? Well, we’ve got good news for you - there are never any traffic jams on the Anneau du Rhin in Blitzheim. And no speed cameras to curb your desire to drive at breath-taking speeds.

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"That which has already been invented belongs to the past, only innovations are worthy of interest." - Ettore Bugatti

National Automobile Museum - Schlumpf collection

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Victoria, Silver Ghost, Royale, Dynavia, Pallas, Veyron… If these names sound familiar, then you’ll be in your element. If not, then a visit to the Cité de l’automobile might help you to finally develop a fascination for the beauty of machinery and become enthusiastic about the seductive metallic curves. Or perhaps not.

  • Smart textiles

    Clever cloths

    When intelligent academics and students undertake research, you would expect equally intelligent results. And so we have “smart textiles”, which are studied at the Institut supérieur textile d’Alsace. These fabrics, into which electronic components are embedded, are most often found in the most advanced cars. If that isn’t Made in Alsace, what is?

  • Solutions for future vehicles and mobility centre

    The future is already here

    Let’s use our imagination a little: so how do you envisage the vehicles of the future? Difficult, isn’t it? Well, in Mulhouse, all the best brains, representing the full range of professional specialisms, are working on it. And what have they come up with? You’ll have to come back in ten years and find out...

PSA – Peugeot Citroën

Who said that all Alsace produces is sauerkraut, white wine and pretzels? That’s simply not true: Alsace also produces sausages, table linen, tarte flambée, ham shanks and eaux-de-vie. And cars, too.

  • Bugatti

    Blue heaven

    If “nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too expensive” for you, then Bugatti cars were made for you. Otherwise, you’re going to have to sweet talk your bank manager. These blue Molsheim-made Alsatian beauties have not only a rich history, but also a prosperous present. If you need convincing, just take a look at the Veyron...

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  • Erkel

    Be kind to your behind

    For you, is a car just an engine and bodywork? It can’t be very nice having you as a driver! So Erkel upholstery is there to remind your behind that a comfortable car depends on genuine seat design expertise...

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  • Peugeot Museum

    The road to Sochaux

    Cars know no regional borders and the Peugeot-Citroën plants in Mulhouse have their big sisters not too far away, in Sochaux. And, as luck would have it, that’s where you’ll also find the Musée de l’aventure Peugeot. Well, what a coincidence!

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Grange à Bécanes

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A museum you visit with your nose to the handlebar as you round the bend? Remove the stand, give it a good kick start, burn some rubber and head at full throttle for Bantzenheim, the world motorcycle capital, whose fine collection includes a number of Ravats. Now, does that get your wheels turning?
  • Incentive travel

    Smooth-running business

    The collectors’ world championship takes place here in Mulhouse! Along with perfume bottles and samples, postcards and other old photos, the model cars will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs...

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  • Collectors’ fair

    Are you a collector?

    The collectors’ world championship takes place here in Mulhouse! Along with perfume bottles and samples, postcards and other old photos, the model cars will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs...

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