Gourmet treats

Here’s a little question for you. You arrive in a region where wine reigns supreme, the cheese is legendary and the recipes are timeless.  Where are you? In Alsace, of course. What? You’ve never heard of Munster cheese, Riesling and sauerkraut? Oh, come on... And all these specialities now revisited by Michelin-starred chefs, that should do you good!
  • Picture from Market


    A cool market

    You won’t find fresher fish! My chicken is delicious! Come and buy my tasty sausages! Oh, this market smells so good with all its fresh produce. Held three days a week, the market has 400 stallholders whose products are sure to set your taste buds tingling. And what if it rains? We just move indoors...

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  • Picture from Michelin-starred restaurants

    Michelin-starred restaurants

    Star-spangled chefs

    You can eat - that’s just an everyday event. You can eat in the company of others - that’s a convivial event. You can also savour a fine meal - that’s a sophisticated event. So visit one of Mulhouse’s two Michelin-starred restaurants, where you can do all of these and be transported to seventh heaven. 

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Creative cuisine

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Cooking is a time-honoured tradition in Alsace. But that doesn’t stop the creative and daring cooks of Mulhouse reinventing the classics by mixing them liberally with exotic ingredients to provide such cultural richness.

  • Time for a drink…

    A taste of the south...

    In Alsace, Mulhouse is the south. It’s hardly surprising then, that the locals love their places to socialise with friends, the summer terraces, convivial drinks parties, refined cocktail parties, wine tasting...

  • Cookery courses

    Yes, chef

    So you don’t believe that there’s such a thing as a "cooking gene"? You don’t think you can be born a cook like you can be born French, British etc.? Well no, cooking is something that has to be learned, cultivated and worked on. And that’s why there are courses. Increasing numbers of them, in fact...

  • The Alsace Wine Route

    White heaven

    Believe it or not, there’s a vineyard in Mulhouse and it produces Clos du Klettenberg wine, which is used mainly for civic receptions. But for white wine lovers, the chance to sample the famous varieties along the Alsace Wine Route is only a 30-minute ride away.


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If you want to experience the friendly hospitality of Alsace, perhaps the best place to go is a winstub. The combination of warm decor, relaxed service and high-quality traditional fare (who could resist the simple pleasure of a tarte flambée or some sauerkraut?) is sure to warm your heart and your belly.

“A little glass of Alsace wine is like a light dress, a spring flower, a ray of sunshine brightening up your life.” - Christian Dior

  • Fleischschnackas

    What’s that?
    What on earth is this fleischschnacka you keep hearing about? Here are some clues for you! 1. It’s a dish in the style of a log cake, but with pastry instead of biscuit... and meat instead of jam 2. It’s shaped like a snail (schnacka) 3. In short, it’s edible and excellent!
  • Bredala

    A taste of Christmas

    In the north, they are known as bredele but they are bredala in the south. But the name doesn’t matter because it’s their flavour that makes them so popular. Or rather, their flavours. There are almost as many personal tastes as there are family recipes for these little Christmas cakes which families in Alsace have been making since the 15th century. And Mulhouse has a recipe all of its own.

Alsace grape varieties

Don’t tell us you weren’t thinking about it when you opened this page? Of course you were! Alsace is also the home of many great wines, often with unpronounceable names and inimitable flavours: Riesling, Gewürtztraminer, Pinot-Gris, Pinot-Noir, Sylvaner... And believe us, the more you get to know them, the more you’ll appreciate them! We give you our word.