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The Hartmannswillerkopf is an important place to remember the sacrifices of those who fought and to understand the complicated history of Alsace.

The Hartmanswillerkopf (or Vieil Armand in French) was the scene of violent fighting during the First World War. It is now a historical site and especially a place of memory.

You will find, among other things, a historial. It is a museum dedicated to the memory of the soldiers who fought and is dedicated to understanding the history of the war, the men and women who were involved in the fighting and the impact of the war on the region and on the civilian populations. It has an interactive, multimedia presentation about the fighting and the living conditions of the soldiers, with historical artifacts, images and films from the period.

You can also visit the crypt, the military cemetery and the preserved trenches.

Useful information

Site du Vieil Armand
68700 Wattwiller

+33 (0)9 71 00 88 77

You can get there by car, 50 minutes from Mulhouse.

The historial is open to the public from April 1 to mid-November every year.

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