Christmas Greeting - Mulhouse AlsaceChristmas Greeting - Mulhouse Alsace
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Christmas Greeters

What could be better than discovering a region and its traditions through its inhabitants? Try the experience by going to a Greeter to make Christmas decorations or cupcakes! Better yet, follow him to his favorite Christmas market!

Some of our Greeters are also part of the Greeters of the Christmas land of Fabrics network. But who are they really?

They are passionate locals who give their time, voluntarily, to share with you their favorites places or the discovery of the region at Christmas time. At their home, you can try to bake bredalas (these famous little Christmas cakes), decorations for the tree or the house. You will also be able to go with them to taste a good mulled wine at their favorite shop! It’s the best way to get to know the Alsatian Christmas traditions!

Go to Emilienne’s to make a decoration like a snowman on a wooden stand for example or to Sylvie’s to make a small batch of bredalas, with butter, cinnamon, jam or candied fruit.

During the making, you will spend some quality time with a local who will tell you about Christmas traditions and how they prepare for this beautiful holiday.

You will then leave with your confections and plenty of memories and good ideas to have the perfect Christmas, just like back home!”

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