On your bike

Are you looking for a destination where you can explore on your bike? What are you waiting for? Come this way! Over 300km of rides soaking up the bike paths in and around Mulhouse, on the banks of the Rhine, at the crossroads of 3 EuroVelo routes (5, 6 and 15) and the foot of the Vosges if you're feeling brave!

Rides under 15km

You're going to love cycling in Mulhouse! It's the perfect way to spend time with friends and family. With no less than six themed routes between 12 and 15km, explore a city packed with art and history in 2 hours. Here are our top picks:


Route: parks and gardens

Understanding the city's industrial heritage involves exploring the parks and gardens. Mulhouse is home to countless public parks and former factory gardens. These green spaces were once integral to the brand image of Mulhouse companies. A top path for nature lovers!

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Route: The chimneys

You'll soon see why Mulhouse was nicknamed "the city with a hundred chimneys" for such a long time. The powerful symbol is a source of industrial pride and you often spot chimneys in the city. When Mulhouse began its de-industrialisation in the 60s, chimneys disappeared but there are still a dozen to look out for!

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Circuit : édifices cultuels

From Saint-Jean Chapel and Koba Mosque to the Synagogue, Mulhouse is a diverse city that has always welcomed every creed. An adventure exploring historical and religious landmarks from all times and in all styles awaits!

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Great bike rides

Soak up the rivers, forests and artworks on your way: it's time to feast your eyes! Explore the Mulhouse area with our top picks and exciting trails which are easy and cover distances up to 30km. It's time to see another side to the Mulhouse region!

Street art and industrial heritage in the Mulhouse area

Set off from Mulhouse station and uncover the industrial heritage of the city and its company towns. Don't miss out on the on area's best museums. What with the former DMC brownfield that's been under renovation for years, the famous Cité de l’Automobile and the Schweissdissi by the sculptor Franz, you won't have time to get bored!

Distance: 30km

Must-see: The former SACM foundry, now a university building that's also home to the Kunsthalle, a contemporary art centre.

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Forests and rivers around Mulhouse

We love this route! Set off from Mulhouse marina on a trail that takes you into the city and the great outdoors among the rivers, canals, parks and forests. Hit the EuroVelo 6 cycling route along the Rhone–Rhine Canal. Be sure to cycle through Hardt forest, the second biggest in Alsace, and look out for its wild birds. You'll feel a world away!

Distance: 30.5km

Must-see: the Nouveau Bassin, a Mulhouse park and its waterfront sculpture garden where you can see coypus, ducks and swans!

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Where can you ride in Mulhouse?

Riding around the city is all well and good but where can you go? The map of bike paths in and around Mulhouse will help you find your way with tracks and trails for cyclists. Check out the EuroVelo route network on your way too. You can pick up the map from Tourist Information and town halls in the area!

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Mulhouse in the heart of 3 EuroVelo routes

All roads lead to Mulhouse! You're in the perfect place as three EuroVelo routes pass through covering almost 2500km: EuroVelo route 6 from Nantes to Budapest, EuroVelo route 5 from the UK to Italy and EuroVelo route 15 from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea. Whether it be short rides or long treks, we love cycling in Alsace. There's no lack of tourist attractions: get a warm welcome from the museums and restaurants in Mulhouse, a city awarded the bike-friendly Territoire Vélo label. Where to eat, where to sleep, what to visit and which services are available? The answers to all your questions are on the Alsace à vélo website!

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Bike parking in Mulhouse

The city provides over 4400 bike racks next to facilities, public buildings and shops. Lock your bike in a flash and hit the shops. Want to park your bike so it's safe? Bike shelters with swipe card entry near the stations are perfect for you!

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Mulhouse, approved city

The city of Mulhouse provides a bike-friendly service approved by the Territoire Vélo label. Do you want to know how to hire a bike and what we provide? What are you waiting for? We'll tell you everything.

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