Christmas in Mulhouse

The atmosphere of Christmas in Mulhouse is authentic, original and magical. The city centre is decorated with fabrics, the squares and streets are lit up by festive illuminations!
  • Picture from Christmas in Pfastatt

    Christmas in Pfastatt

    Over the rainbow

    Who puts treasure at the end of the rainbow according to legend? Elves! Go and meet them at the Pfastatt Christmas market where they’re in their element. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the treasure?

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  • Picture from The Fabric shop

    The Fabric shop

    Shop smart!

    1st syllable: a ghostly wail. 2nd syllable: a clock’s “tick”. 3rd syllable: the sound you make when you’re surprised. 4th syllable: the French word for “fabric”. BOUH – TIC – OHHH – ETOFFES: There you go, you’re in the shop where you’ll find absolutely ALL your souvenirs: an exclusive Alizarine tablecloth for nan, this year’s Mulhouse bredala for greedy grandpa, a make-up bag for the teen and a bib for baby. Great, the shopping’s sorted!

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  • Picture from Christmas in the garden

    Christmas in the garden

    It’s story time!

    The Parc de Wesserling is already magical in summer so just wait until night falls and it’s all lit up over the festive season! Release your inner child and forget about the winter chill… 

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  • Picture from Christmas fabric

    Christmas fabric

    Dressed for winter

    Mulhouse is so deeply rooted in textiles that every year, the highlight of the Christmas market is a fabric made especially for the festive season adorning the streets and monuments.

Christmas market

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Isn’t the whole point of a Christmas market to peruse, stroll, buy gifts, explore, drink mulled wine and eat traditional bredalas cookies? You’ll feel like a child again in your horse and carriage, on the big wheel and with childlike wonder as you gaze at the amazing fabric decorations!

  • Rixheim Christmas Market

    Hear ye, hear ye!

    Bring friends and family to feast their senses at the 18th century Christmas market and buy Christmas gifts! We have sword fights, we sew clothing, we mint coins and…No, we don’t say “that’s enough”, travel back in time with a cup of mulled wine!

  • A toy for a toy


    If you can’t do something good at Christmas then when can you? Visit the Cité de l’Automobile for free when you donate a toy that’s in good condition and watch concerts by the Conservatory pupils.

  • Christmas in Alsace

    The magic of Christmas
    You can’t ignore it. Towards the end of November, the trees are already beginning to glisten. Little log cabins emerge from their storage sheds. Mulled wine and spiced bread warm the cockles of our hearts. Baubles clink together in the breeze. Little children are already dreaming of the rustle of wrapping paper. In Alsace, this all lasts for 40 days. We call it the magic of Christmas and it’s something you’ve got to see at least once during your lifetime!
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Christmas market at the Museum of Printed Textiles

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There are gift ideas galore at the Museum of Printed Textiles! Delve into a fairytale world and unearth items and textiles to decorate your home as stylishly as the pieces on display. Don’t forget about the scarf of the year…Yes, the one paying tribute to that great exhibition, you know, the one about Chantal Thomass. No? Well, now you know.
  • Picture from Land of song and fabric

    Land of song and fabric

    Southern bells
    In Alsace we have many ways of celebrating Christmas but we always do it in style! This is especially the case in the southern part of the region, where there are more than 200 events with the twin themes of fabric and singing. So let “Weave 3 Kings” ring out...
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  • Picture from Christmas Bredeles

    Christmas Bredeles

    The taste of Christmas
    In the north they say “bredele”, in the south they say “bredala”. Forget about the name, it’s all about the flavour. Or rather, flavours. There are almost as many different flavours as there are family recipes for these little Christmas cakes that Alsatian families have been baking since the 15th century. Even Mulhouse has its very own.
  • Picture from Saint Nicholas Market

    Saint Nicholas Market

    If you’re looking for the oldest market, visit Saint Nicholas Market. A hundred market traders set up shop in a sweet setting that the people of Alsace would call “chôli”. Exhibitions, shows, entertainment, tastings and more. You’re in for a real treat for three days with Saint Nicholas, his donkey and especially his market!

Christmas at the Ecomusée d'Alsace

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Careful it’s hot! Mouths start watering as a delicious vegetable soup is laid on the table. A family in 20th century costume are busy decorating their Christmas tree across the road…What’s going on? Are you in another dimension? Don’t panic, you’re in the Ecomusée d’Alsace where you’ll be reminded of our good old Alsatian traditions!

"We wish you a merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas, We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year" - Traditional carol

  • Christmas market in Kingersheim

    Where Christms is recycled!
    In Kingersheim, you won't find any ordinary stalls. Everything you see, from the market's decoration to the gift ideas on offer, will be made from recycled or upcycled objects. This is the originality of this Christmas market which is worth a visit!
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  • Ottmarsheim Christmas Market

    ‘Tis the season to visit the market…

    Ottmarsheim is more than just a fantastic Roman abbey! It’s also a unique showcase for the best museums and designers in the region. Unearth gifts that you won’t find anywhere else and definitely not all in the same spot.