Guided tour of the Saint-Jean chapel

Guided tour only in French

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Contact information

19bis Grand rue
68100 Mulhouse
Access map

Phone: 03 69 77 76 61


3 € / Free for children under 12

Practical information

  • By bus

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Opening hours


Guided tour only in French

Date & opening hours: 3 pm

Infos Covid

Protective measures:
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory
  • Reservation required

Comment Covid measurements:
Every effort is made to ensure your safety during the visit. The guide who will lead the visit will wear a mask and implement the protective measures.

Reserve your visit by calling 03 69 77 76 61 as long as government measures limit groups to 10 people.
Prepare the exact amount for your payment to the guide whenever possible
Wear a mask during the visit
Respect the protective measures.

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