Shop ‘til you drop

Fancy  a visit to the shops, some retail therapy or a bit of window-shopping? Then ready, get set, go for a shopping spree... in the Rue du Sauvage. Or maybe elsewhere. Creative talents are waiting to be discovered in every corner of Mulhouse. If you want to become the best shopper in town, it’s worth exploring a little, isn’t it?
  • Picture from Créateurs (designers)

    Créateurs (designers)

    The fabric of life

    Textile arts are not just clinging to life in this city with its celebrated industrial heritage. They’re alive and kicking and can be found in Mulhouse, along with many other local creative talents.

  • Picture from La Boutique

    La Boutique

    Super souvenirs

    It’d be a silly to return home after a visit to Mulhouse without a memento worthy of the name. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the tourist office’s ‘La Boutique’ souvenir shop. Open 7 days a week, it stocks some 1,500 typical products from the city and the region...

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Looking for a touch of the exotic? More than a hundred nationalities are represented in Mulhouse and nowhere is this better illustrated than at the market. Spicy delights, gourmet temples, all kinds of treats for the eyes and the tastebuds - the world’s your oyster.

  • Collectors’ shopping bag

    An essential item
    It’s the standout winter shopping event in Mulhouse: the City Centre traders’ association adorns fashionistas with its collectors’ bag in the city’s colours; each year, a different talented designer provides a new look for the bag. A must-have…
  • Parking

    Parking in Mulhouse? It's child's play!
    Shopping in the city centre is cool, especially when you don’t have to spend hours finding somewhere to park. It ‘d be a shame if you couldn’t find a space in one of the eight car parks, with their 3,600 bays and unbeatable charge of €2 for 4 hours... And what’s more, in certain car-parks you can even hire a bike.
  • Park and ride

    Come along for the ride!
    Don’t want the hassle of taking the car into the city centre? Then just park it in one of the two Park-and-Ride car parks as you enter the city and then jump on the tram. It’s not expensive, it’s ideal for families and it’ll whisk you to the centre of Mulhouse in just a few minutes.

Maison Engelmann

You know, what I’d really like is somewhere unusual and classy where I can enjoy creative modern cuisine and a view of a high-class patisserie. A place where I could also indulge my love of literature and meet authors. But, of course!  There’s the Maison Engelmann - a feast for the eyes and the taste buds…

  • Package + City Pass

    Come on in!

    So what can we do in Mulhouse? That’s easy. The city-pass gives you free admission to the city’s museums, with free public transport thrown in. Want more? Golf, parks, cars, wine growing and shopping - all only a short walk or ride away. Treat yourself to weekend in Mulhouse. But beware - time passes quickly when you’re having so much fun...

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  • Chic city-centre shopping

    Mulhouse - capital of cool

    Sick and tired of one-size-fits-all products, mass-market goods that you see everywhere? Well, you don’t have to travel to Paris to find trendy footwear or chic, funky and fashionable clothing! There’s no need to go abroad for designer furniture. We may not have a Fifth Avenue... but so what?

“Ok. Don't panic. Don't panic. It's only a VISA bill.” Sophie Kinsella in Confessions of a Shopaholic

Christmas fabrics

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After a spending spree, including Mulhouse fabrics, fabulous hats, gingerbread, model cars (Mulhouse is, after all, synonymous with the automotive industry) or glasses cleaning cloths (with Wesserling textile designs), you’re bound to feel a bit peckish.  So how about a cheese pretzel washed down with a nice glass of mulled wine? Or maybe a bowl of Munster cheese soup? Or is that a bit heavy? Ok then, a dozen oysters, how does that grab you?
  • Vitrines de Mulhouse gift voucher

    A practical gift

    200 of the city’s shops participate in the scheme. That’s 200 shops to provide a variety of delights, to titillate your senses and tickle your fancy. There’s always something to satisfy your fashion craving, penchant for fun trinkets or hankering for a designer chair. Among these 200 shops, you’ll even find some which stock only products made in Mulhouse. You’re sure to find the perfect souvenir...

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  • Sauerkraut

    Cool cabbage

    Cabbage, smoked pork, Montbéliard sausages, Knacks (Strasbourg sausages), Riesling, potatoes. That’s all you need to make delicious traditional sauerkraut. Just these few ingredients and a little time to cook and then savour it.

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  • Cross-border shopping


    One of the best things about border regions is having neighbours, as they also offer attractive products which we can’t find at home. So it makes sense to take advantage of a visit to Mulhouse to take a shopping trip to Basel or Freiburg im Breisgau. Or vice versa!