Relaxation, recreation, exhilaration

OK, so today we’ve decided to take it easy. We’ll go for a stroll and see what there is to explore, so let’s head for... Oh, but there’s so much to choose from. Come on then, shall we sit down on the terrace and have a think?
  • Picture from Parc du Petit Prince

    Parc du Petit Prince

    Up, up and away
    Sheep, rose, fox, plane, adventure, planet... the clock’s ticking... Can’t work out the connection between these words? Well they are all clues to the breathtaking adventures to be had in this theme park based on the famous story of the Little Prince. So don’t miss this opportunity to soar up to the stars, hanging from huge balloons!
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  • Picture from The Alsace Ecomuseum

    The Alsace Ecomuseum

    Essential Alsace

    How long have you got to find out all about Alsace? Three hours? Fine. We guarantee that in three hours flat you’ll discover the essence of Alsace, its culinary traditions and its skilled craftsmanship. Still keen to learn more? Then the Alsace Ecomuseum must have been an excellent appetiser.

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  • Picture from Cycle tracks

    Cycle tracks

    Bikes only

    The automotive industry occupies an important position in Mulhouse! But other means of transport are popular, too. Visitors will love the 250 km of cycle tracks which criss-cross the city and surrounding areas.

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  • Picture from The Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    The Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    A zoo with a secret

    Can you keep a secret? Mulhouse Zoo’s main attractions are not only the baby panthers which look like soft toys, the comical monkeys, the hungry sea lions or the hair-styles of the Poitou donkeys. They also include its extensive botanical collections, which most visitors don’t even see...

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  • Picture from Parc de Wesserling

    Parc de Wesserling

    Water born

    First there was a trickle. Then there was a stream. At the heart, a tradition. The trickle provided a social link and formed the nexus of a valley’s history. Today there are trees, exhibitions, a media centre and the Jardins Métissés (mixed-style gardens), a creative gardening festival which you enjoy all summer long... Wesserling is a cultural patchwork where nature rivals heritage.

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More about

Hey, can you show me around your city? Please take me to explore it - yes, just me... You know, all the stuff you never tell tourists, everything that makes it a living, breathing city and not just an open-air museum. Take me to your own personal Mulhouse, please, please...

  • The Ballon Des Vosges regional nature park

    Nature in the city

    A real plus for Alsace is that everything is within easy reach. Within a stone’s throw of Mulhouse you’ll find not only the Rhine but also the Ballon des Vosges regional nature park, with its bucolic landscapes, mountain walks and rural inns.

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  • Christmas market

    Christmas wrapping

    Every (or almost every) town in Alsace has its Christmas market. Basically, they’re all pretty much the same. But in Mulhouse, we have something far more unusual: it’s like a traditional Christmas market but better packaged - in fabric and tied up tightly with the city’s textile heritage.

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"Mulhouse. A lovely little city [...], a magnificent palace, all in gold” - Montaigne

Ville d'Art et d’Histoire (Town of Art and History) label

More about

Who says that Mulhouse has no history? Then how would it have been awarded the “Ville d'Art et d’Histoire” label? Does that surprise you? Alsatian heritage doesn’t end with half-timbered houses. And even the 19th and 20th centuries have left some little gems for us to discover...

  • Picture from Guided tours

    Guided tours

    Magical history tour...

    Meet up in the Place de la Réunion. After that, put yourself in the hands of the guide. It’s best not to know where you’re going, but just to follow. A mural over there, an ancient medieval city wall here, over there the history of the Mulhouse textile industry... A good slice of history and heritage - just take a look!

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  • Picture from “The textile adventure” treasure hunt

    “The textile adventure” treasure hunt

    The Henriette trail

    Who is this Henriette? Well, it doesn’t really matter, because I’ve got to follow her - my phone says so. And then I’m sure to find the answers to the clues hidden all round the city and discover Mulhouse’s textile treasure, right there at the end of the rainbow...

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  • Picture from Sightseeing trails

    Sightseeing trails

    Lose yourself in our streets!
    Side streets, squares, courtyards, historic monuments, parks and gardens, corporation stoves, churches, a temple, a synagogue, a canal, villas, cobblestones, towers, old fortifications: all will be revealed when you discover the history trails that weave around the heart of the historic town centre.
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  • Golf

    Little holes wherever you look
    Southern Alsace is like Gruyère cheese - it’s full of holes. Along the Rhine, in the middle of the Alsace Plain, in the Sundgau region and in the foothills of the Vosges - they’re everywhere. Holes with flags to mark them out. Holes with grass around them. Holes with balls in them - well sometimes, anyway.
  • The Red Thread

    Hitting the nail on the head.
    The streets of Mulhouse are paved with good intentions but those in the town centre are also paved with big red nails. They’re not to stop the streets blowing away, though. They’re there to send a message: in Mulhouse, when you see red, you are in the centre. So ditch your satnav and just make sure that you don’t lose the thread... the red one, that is!
  • Monument Tracker

    Information tracker
    Mulhouse is connected. Aren’t you? We would strongly recommend it. Your smartphone is an invaluable item and, if you ask it nicely, it will tell you what is concealed behind that facade, statue or extraordinary garden. Just let your instincts be your guide and explore at your own pace.

Parks and gardens

All the guidebooks state categorically: Mulhouse is an industrial city. So it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s grey. There are so many parks and gardens, not to mention the green belts formed by the tramway and the river and canal, that there’s no chance of gardeners getting bored.

  • Folie’Flore flower show

    Anemone and her friends

    Achoo! Oh, no! That’s my allergy kicking in again. I shouldn’t have invited Rose. But, I’m fond of Violet and her friend Anemone. Come on, for ten days a year we have the visual and olfactory treat of the Folies Florales. Surely that’s worth a box of tissues...

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  • Plant market

    Green fingers

    In a zoo, you’d expect to find animals. But in Mulhouse Zoo you also find plants. And it’s been awarded Jardin remarquable status! Each year, it also becomes a mecca for lovers of clematis, roses, aquatic plants, orchids etc.... Approximately sixty exhibitors attract thousands of gardeners keen to get their green fingers on some top-quality plants. It takes place once a year, in April, and you can guarantee that the plants will be clad in their finest garments for the event.

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  • Temporary garden

    A sea of green

    As you would expect, the parks and gardens departments is responsible for pruning plants and weeding. But, once a year in Mulhouse, they surpass themselves by creating a temporary garden, which serves as another small park in the city’s central square. Amazing.

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