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Languages spoken:
  • French

There are storks in Alsace but there is also Sylvie and her walks!

Sylvie is a fulfilled mum who takes pleasure in helping her children discover the riches of Alsace, including the ones to eat! Why not join us in the journey?

About Sylvie

My proudly displayed accent will bring you to the country of pretzels, sauerkraut and other enchantments that Mulhouse hides from us.

I suggest you come with me around my "Bredalas", little Christmas cakes, pretty nature areas or around "Alsatian Delicacies" in my home, with or without the children.

We will look for the wolf in the wood with toboggans or walk across borders. Some adventures in the surrounding areas: cross the Swiss or German borders and quite simply the neighbouring towns, go on, do it! Without any complex, I'll say "hoopla"!

Pretzel and hot wine (in winter!) in hand, let's have an adventure in my city where the storks will take us on an unforgettable adventure filled with Alsace flavours.

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