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Raymond WEIGEL

Languages spoken:
  • French
  • German

Let us share your longings and wishes together!

Raymond is what one may call, without any exaggeration, a young active over-fifty: geocaching, travelling, matches and sporting events are, for him, just so many excuses to meet more people.

About Raymond

A native of Mulhouse by birth and by love, I invite you to share my particular view of this city of Mulhouse and its surroundings taking your own enthusiasms and interests into consideration. 
For instance, together we could:

  • Stroll around the city as you feel like it ;
  • Oxygenate ourselves in the gardens and parks ;
  • Take easy little walks in nature 
  • Take a bike ride a little further along the Rhine

In short, you may ask me everything depending on what you want to know, as a city or region that one only knows a little or not at all often hides treasures which deserve your going out of your way.

By running day after day, one doesn't take the time to look around and so many things stay hidden from our eyes. My enthusiasm for travelling and photography helped me to have another view of things that I would like to share you in a friendly spirit

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