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Philippe BRESSON

Languages spoken:
  • French

Let’s walk through the heart of two centuries of laughs and tears.

Philippe will take you down the paths of Alsacian history to better appreciate what is not always visible to the naked eye. You'll definitely understand why Mulhouse and Alsace are so unique!

About de Philippe

I had a dream to one day make other people love my city in sharing its history.

This starts with the reunification of Mulhouse and France in 1798. From here on, I’ll introduce to you the historically known people from our city:

  • The first is a captain who’s story results in the split of France into two enemy clans ;
  • The second is a high school graduate from Kayersberg who won the Nobel Peace Prize ;
  • The last one is a filmmaker who won 11 oscars in Hollywood.

(I’ll break chronological order and also mention to you a mathematician, deceased in 1777, without whom our GPS systems wouldn’t exist today). I’ll continue with these millions of unknown historical figures who changed the nationality of France 4 times in less than 80 years. For each change, they had to forget their customs and their native languages. This started after the war of 1870, when Alsace became an Empire. I’ll tackle the first World War that saw families torn apart, some having sons one either side of the two camps. I’ll briefly stop at the Annex after the Armistice of 1940, and all of the hurt that followed; To finish with the presentation of the flourishing Mulhouse and its pride:

  • A textile industry the rest of the world envies! Who doesn’t know the DMC?
  • A Mechanical Construction Alsacian Society that led to Europe by rail.

All of this industry led to Mulhouse’s nickname of the “French Manchester” and “The City of 100 Chimney’s.” Welcome to Mulhouse, come and enjoy Alsace another way!

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