Guided tour The painted walls | Mulhouse AlsaceGuided tour The painted walls | Mulhouse Alsace
©Guided tour The painted walls | Mulhouse Alsace|Bénédicte Wirth

Guided tours – Maison du Patrimoine

The guided tours below are offered by the Maison du Patrimoine – Edouard Boeglin.

The must-haves

Walk around the historical center

During this general visit, you will discover a signulicant and very diversified heritage. You will be conquered by these old stones that will be able to tell you the rich past of the city: remains of the medieval rampart, 16th century city hall, manufacturing complexes, private mansions…


Bus and walking tour

This tour will allow you to both discover the historic center on foot for about 30 minutes and take a bus tour to discover other facets of the city: the workers’ housing estate, the largest urbanistic achievement of the 19th century in Mulhouse, industrial sites currently being rehabilitated – DMC and the former SACM -, the Rebberg district with its sumptuous villas built from the late 19th century onwards, and many other things…


Thematic visits

DMC from yesterday to today

Discover the DMC (Dollfus-Mieg et Cie) site, with its remarkably homogeneous architecture. While some buildings will always be dedicated to the production of embroidery thread, a thread known throughout the world, some – often beautifully rehabilitated – are already living a new life.



From the first factories to the industrial boom

Take a walk in the footsteps of the first textile factories that settled in the heart of the city starting in 1746, but also other buildings – such as the elegant mansions – that tell the story of industrial prosperity.


Painted walls, a whole history!

Take an original walk along the painted walls – from a long tradition – which will reveal pages of Mulhouse’s history. You will also discover new forms of urban expression.


In the footsteps of Switzerland

A little over 500 years ago, Mulhouse allied itself with the Swiss cantons. Even today, the decorations of certain buildings – such as those of the city hall with its magnificent council chamber – bear the trace of this common history.


In the footsteps of Alfred Dreyfus

Take a journey to discover the places that were familiar to Alfred Dreyfus – born in Mulhouse in 1859 – as well as to those of the convinced republicans who were strongly committed to his cause in order to make truth and justice triumph.


History of water and gardens

Mulhouse has always had very strong ties with nature. Along the water – visible or covered – travel through the ages and discover magnificent parks and gardens created for the most part in the 19th century by Mulhouse industrialists.


The Sinne Theater

During this tour, you will discover this magnificent Italian-style theater built a little over 150 years ago that is the Sinne Theater, its history, its sets and its secrets.


The cemetery, between art and history

To visit the cemetery is to go and meet the men and women who made Mulhouse one of the greatest industrial cities of the 19th century and to discover a particularly rich and original funerary art.


Wolf-Wagner: from the meadows to the eco-neighborhood

Touring this neighborhood, born in the last quarter of the 19th century, is to leaf through a page of the history of Mulhouse’s popular housing, but it is also to discover its new face: rehabilitated buildings, bold new constructions, eco-neighborhood.


Trip through the German city

Starting in the Nordfeld district, go on a discovery of buildings, such as barracks, courts or private buildings that testify to the German presence following the 1871 annexation.


The Cité, from yesterday to today

As you walk through the narrow passages, you will appreciate the charm of the working-class Cité built from the middle of the 19th century. You will then discover the DMC factory, then the Cité Manifeste built in 2005 which is inspired by the original Cité.


The Rebberg

As the Cité was being built, this hill, until then covered in vines, saw the blossoming of majestic mansions for captains of industry. Discover this charming district through two visits.

The Lower Rebberg, industrialists’ district

Here is a magnificent walk to meet the sumptuous mansions of the 19th and 20th centuries, sometimes drowned in huge parks with varied species.


Walk in the Upper Rebberg

In a bucolic landscape, approach some of the achievements initiated by the philanthropic industrialists of the 19th century and discover a small corner of vineyard, as well as the view on Mulhouse and its surroundings from the top of the lookout.


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