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Let’s take a walk!

Patrick discovered the Greeters during a visit to New York. He enjoyed the experience so much as a tourist that he felt he had a mission as a Mulhousian to show his city’s multicultural wealth to others.

About Patrick

I discovered the Greeters for the first time during a trip to New York a few years ago. I really liked the idea of seeing the “Big Apple” in a different way and I would be happy to be able to show off my city in an original, or even offbeat, way.

Paris has the Buren Columns, but did you know that Mulhouse can be just as proud. Here we have the Buren Arches and I get to admire them every day. How about visiting them with me?

Mulhouse is a green city in many ways. Would you like to go for a stroll with me in the parks and gardens, go for a ride on a “Vélocité” bicycle or maybe on our colourful tram?

My multicultural city is also an opportunity to enjoy cuisine from around the world and I would like to share my love of good food with you. So why not sit down and have lunch together?

Yes, Mulhouse is all that and much more. THIS is what I want to show you!

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