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Jacqueline SCHULLER

Languages spoken:
  • French
  • Anglais

Mulhouse; a picture book. Let’s admire it together!

Recently retired, Jacqueline is an avid couchsurfer who knows Mulhouse, and the region, quite well. She is most of all excited about the idea of meeting people from all cultures and horizons.

About Jacqueline

I have been a school librarian in downtown Mulhouse for 20 years. Because of this job, I have an excellent knowledge, and appreciation, of this town.

I can offer you 3 original, unique and picturesque strolls through the area, how about joining me for one of them?

  • I also wrote a book on them called "Mulhouse, murs peints et street art" (Mulhouse, painted walls and street art). Numerous blank walls have been covered with frescos, which creatively paint the history of the city. 
  • My second suggestion is more of a religious depiction. Through three religious buildings; a medieval chapel, a baroque Catholic church, and a Protestant temple, I am able to paint a broad picture of our history. This religious path will certainly reveal to you some unexpected surprises!
  • Lastly, if you would prefer to get out of the city, let yourself be tempted by a drive to the Vosges Mountains, which I know very well. My three favorite places include Lake Neuweyer, 800m high nestled amidst fur trees and a lovely little inn; Vieil Armand, a climb through trenches to the final resting place of over 12,000 soldiers from WWI; and Thierenbach, a pilgrimmage devoted to the Holy Lady, the walls of this church are covered with amazing Thanksgiving plaques describing daily life during the 19th century. Alsace is a place that I love, and I would be delighted to guide you through it.

See you soon!

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