Textiles and fabrics

Thread for weaving fabrics, thread as a connector, thread as a theme... In short, thread which runs right through the heart of a city. In Mulhouse, it has woven the city’s history and identity. Textiles are far from a thing of the past here, they are still very much a part of the present.
  • Picture from Parc de Wesserling - Textile Ecomuseum

    Parc de Wesserling - Textile Ecomuseum

    Living history

    Chronicling the history of fashion, taking a look back at the fabrics of yesteryear and rediscovering lost techniques: only in the royal setting of the Wesserling mill could all this be possible.

"Textile companies in Alsace base their expertise on a combination of Local Knowledge, Talent and Passion" - Alsace terre textile

Musée de l'Impression sur Étoffes (Museum of Printed Textiles)

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A visit to this museum is a must for tourists. And you don’t actually need grand designs because you’ll find thousands of them right there. And after your visit, you’ll find that the collections of the Musée d’Impression sur Étoffes will be imprinted on your memory.

  • Picture from Workers’ housing estates

    Workers’ housing estates

    Enlightened industrialists

    What do the Mulhouse textile industry and the tiny houses in the La Cité area have in common? They were developed by the same people, the powerful owners of the fabric printing or spinning works of the 19th century, who sought to improve the lot of the working classes.

  • Picture from Mulhouse Cité Mode

    Mulhouse Cité Mode

    Nothing can rain on this parade!

    Mulhouse has managed to marry textile design and ready-to-wear fashion to create a unique event. The parade at the Palais des sports continues all night long and features a vibrant blend of European textile schools and local firms.

  • Picture from DMC


    DMC Creative World

    From Singapore to Casablanca, from Mexico to Moscow, these three letters represent Mulhouse around the world. DMC’s embroidery threads and its colour palette are always leaders in the world of creative crafts.

  • Picture from Industrial Tourism

    Industrial Tourism

    From needle to thread
    Museums full of textiles and fabrics? Yes, amongst other things. Nowadays, textiles aren’t just for keeping us warm, and the sector is constantly innovating thanks to new technologies. Now they can be found everywhere and what’s more, they’re still made in Mulhouse and Alsace!
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  • Picture from The fabric trail guided tour

    The fabric trail guided tour

    The big ship sailed full of cali calico...

    Mulhouse, textile city - the Manchester of 19th century France? Do we have any proof of this? You bet we have! You’ll find the evidence in images, words and anecdotes, as you follow your guide along the fabric trail. And the exquisite indiennes (Indian calico prints) are expert witnesses...

Christmas fabrics

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What better proof could there be of Mulhouse’s strong attachment to the textile industry than the name it has given to its Christmas market - the Etoffes de Noël? And every year, as a bonus, a specially created seasonal fabric adorns the city’s streets and monuments.

  • “The textile adventure” treasure hunt

    Follow Henriette!

    This is a fun way to seek out the treasures of Alsace - on your smartphone. This treasure hunt takes you to the heart of the city’s textile industry while, on your screen, you follow in the footsteps of Henriette, a young Mulhouse girl who will weave a web of confusion around you...

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  • La Vitrine

    100% Mulhouse-made

    It may not be big, but this shop is piled high with goods which you won’t find anywhere else. La Vitrine - THE shop for Mulhouse’s creative talents and artists, especially clothing and accessories designers. Among other things, it is also the home of the quirky Mulhouse t-shirt.

Alsace Terre Textile (Alsace Land of Textiles)

The textile industry in Alsace is alive and well and belongs very much to the modern world. It has reinvented itself and, by embracing new technical or even technological developments, has reached new heights. This is why the new Alsace terre textile label has a real value, guaranteeing a high-quality regional product.

  • Mulhouse Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    It’s all happening at the zoo

    How do a zoo and botanical gardens come into being? Out of a love of nature, obviously, but Mulhouse’s zoo and botanical gardens are the fruit of the efforts of one man, the engraver Charles Thierry-Mieg, Jr. And what was his aim? To create a place where textile workers could relax, be educated and listen to music. That was in 1868...

  • SUD - Document User Service

    SUD, the revival

    Are you a textiles professional looking for that PERFECT pattern for your latest product? The ‘Service d’utilisation des documents’ is an archive containing all the most beautiful prints from the Mulhouse Museum of Printed Textiles. That is 6 million prints - the fruits of Mulhouse’s long history of expertise.

  • ISTA

    Qualified success

    The Institut supérieur textile d’Alsace is an extraordinary institution where design, technology and business skills are all combined. It has already produced more than 500 graduates who have gone on to act as ambassadors for Mulhouse in the world of textiles.