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Bears, cars, flowers, balloons, artists, businesses, fabrics, vegetables… What do they all have in common? They are all in Mulhouse. Don’t believe us? Take a moment to browse this page. There’s always something to see!
  • Photo of Christmas in the Garden at the Wesserling Park

    Christmas in the Garden at the Wesserling Park

    Follow the right path?

    Surprise! A wooden child escapes from the workshop of a factory worker. Follow him in his adventures and discover what path he will take to become a real boy!

    The show promises to keep you entertained, especially since it takes place in the enchanted and illuminated setting of the Wesserling Park. And if there is snow, it's even better! And you won't forget the mulled wine to keep you warm at the end of the show!

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  • Photo of Christmas Market

    Christmas Market

    Awaken your inner child!
    Isn’t the whole point of a Christmas market to peruse, stroll, buy gifts, explore, drink mulled wine and eat traditional bredalas cookies? You’ll feel like a child again in your horse and carriage, on the big wheel and with childlike wonder as you gaze at the amazing fabric decorations!
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Parc du Petit Prince

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Sheep, rose, fox, plane, adventure, planet... the clock’s ticking... Can’t work out the connection between these words? Well they are all clues to the breathtaking adventures to be had in this theme park based on the famous story of the Little Prince. So don’t miss this opportunity to soar up to the stars, hanging from huge balloons!

  • Industrial tourism

    Special business correspondent
    Are you a paparazzo from the business world? Have you always wanted to investigate the whys and wherefores of the things around you? Now’s your chance! Alsace really is THE PLACE TO BE if you want to go behind the scenes of different businesses, asking “how is a car made?”, “how does a large regional newspaper function?” or “what is the modern textile industry like?” There’s no shortage of subjects!
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  • Automobile Museum - Schlumpf Collection

    Start your engines
    There’s nothing like the glass roof at the Cité de l’Auto for a bright way to seek shelter when it’s snowing or raining. Cool off in the temperatures required to preserve vintage cars when it’s warm and sunny. The engines that lie beneath the hoods are always hot, hot, hot!
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  • Text'Ill

    When fabric takes pride of place
    If textiles play a major role in the history of Mulhouse, then the Text’Ill fabric market, which takes place annually, is its vibrant present. It attracts fabric lovers, nimble and creative fingers, the fashion designers of Alsace, the talented creators of those must-have accessories...
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Zone Grand Nord (The Frozen North)

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“The ice cap is melting - so what? The planet is getting warmer - so what? Human beings will be extinct within 100 years!” And what about after that? Polar bears and their friends in the Frozen North need us to save them and, at the zoo and botanical gardens, you can learn how to do just that and have fun at the same time! Eco warriors to the rescue!

  • Photo of Market


    Flavours of the world

    Looking for a touch of the exotic? More than a hundred nationalities are represented in Mulhouse and nowhere is this better illustrated than at the market. Spicy delights, gourmet temples, all kinds of treats for the eyes and the tastebuds - the world’s your oyster.

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  • Photo of Food and drink

    Food and drink

    Life as art
    When you think about it, lifestyle is a concept. Life is a state of being, not an art form. Unless you try to make every moment a source of pleasure and in Alsace, joy starts at the dining table with those little (and large) tastebud tingling treats…
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  • Photo of Cité du Train

    Cité du Train

    Going strong
    There's always something going on on a railway platform. Black and white heartbreaking kisses. A long awaited arrival full of colours. A meticulous tracking shot taken during the chaos of holiday exodus or a neat high-angle shot of a working crowd.  No daily routines around the trains.
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  • Photo of Mulhouse Alsace Greeters

    Mulhouse Alsace Greeters

    A tight team
    Spring, summer, autumn and winter: each season has its own personality and its own way to explore Mulhouse, especially when proud Mulhouse locals present it to you in such a warm and friendly way.
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Écomusée d'Alsace

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How long have you got to find out all about Alsace? Three hours? Fine. We guarantee that in three hours flat you’ll discover the essence of Alsace, its culinary traditions and its skilled craftsmanship. Still keen to learn more? Then the Alsace Ecomuseum must have been an excellent appetiser.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust

  • Roman baths

    When in Rome…
    They’re called Roman but they’re universal. You’d imagine they were sexy but they’re more for friends and family. You’d think they were useful but they’re primarily enjoyable. Experience the joys of Roman baths for yourself in Mulhouse’s oldest pool.
  • City Pass

    Keys to the city…

    Every year the keys to the city of Mulhouse are awarded to the Carnival queen. Tourists get their own special keys: the City Pass provides access to leisure and cultural venues, public transport and even restaurants…

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  • "Cocooning" accommodation

    Could life get any cooler?
    Get snug as a bug in a rug and be pampered in a guestroom, a friendly restaurant and have a nightcap in a cosy bar: isn’t life cool?
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