Culture Vultures

In Mulhouse, history is everywhere you look. In religious buildings, on walls, oddly in spinning mills, bizarrely in foundaries and classically in museums. And, of course, in the streets. A culture, which is festive, classical or contemporary but also very much a part of everyday life.
  • Picture from Scène de rues

    Scène de rues

    Theatre of dreams

    Come and see all the actors, musicians and magicians who flock here... On each street corner, a performance is in full swing, there are antics a-plenty, and the theatre spills out on to the streets. Excited passers-by huddle around, eager for delightful surprises and unexpected experiences. Such stuff as dreams are made on...

  • Picture from The M.U.R

    The M.U.R

    The writing’s on the wall

    Just look at that: no sooner has a wall been freshly repainted than young artists come and cover it in weird graffiti! No, but seriously, where do they think they are? In an open-air studio? An urban art gallery? Well yes, precisely...

Street art

A huge and bulging armchair, a metallic monster mopping its rusty brow with the back of its hand, creaking sheep made from springs, a one ton bulldog guarding a passing riverbank, strange hieroglyphics adorning the city’s facades: the street is a permanent and dynamic exhibition.

  • Guided tours


    Let us take you for a trip through the history of Mulhouse. There may be no half-timbered buildings on this tour, but we’ll see 17 sites which are either listed or classified as historic monuments. Yes, really. And there’s even more. From workers’ villages to industrial buildings, Mulhouse has a rich past. Come and see!

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  • La Kunsthalle (Centre for Contemporary Art)

    A contemporary feel

    Contemporary art is just a fad among Parisian snobs, isn’t it? Maybe. But the connoisseurs of Mulhouse are not to be outdone and can find just what they want at the Kunsthalle. This is a Germanic name for an internationally oriented facility which exhibits art as it is lived today.

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The National Automobile Museum - Schlumpf collection, the Electropolis Museum, the Railway Museum, this amazing concentration of institutions has made Mulhouse the “European Capital of Industrial Museums”. Wow! And what if you add to that the printing, historical and fine arts museums? Double wow. So are you up for some a-museum-ment?
  • Picture from Les Dominicains de Guebwiller

    Les Dominicains de Guebwiller

    An un-convent-ional art and culture centre

    Les Dominicains in Guebwiller, is both a former convent and a venue for music, video and creativity. A special place - firstly historically listed and now culturally cherished. A place where the vaults echo and the cloisters sway to the sound of music.

  • Picture from Temple Saint-Etienne

    Temple Saint-Etienne

    Is that the cathedral?

    An imposing religious building, Mulhouse’s medieval cathedral stands majestically in the Place de la Réunion, in the city centre. Except it’s not a cathedral, but a Protestant church. Except it’s not medieval at all. Except it’s not only a place of worship, but also a mecca for culture, with concerts (even rock music) and exhibitions.

  • Picture from Festival Météo

    Festival Météo


    Jazz: a type of music which emerged in New Orleans in the United States, in the early 20th century. Resulting from a fusion of blues, ragtime and European music, jazz is an Afro-American genre. Festival Météo: a new generation of music strongly influenced by jazz, the festival has nothing to do with the weather but it certainly goes down a storm.

  • Picture from History Museum

    History Museum

    Historic Hôtel de Ville

    You certainly can’t book a room in this hotel. Nor would you necessarily want to sit in on council meetings. But it would be a crime to miss the collections on show here, in the part of the Town Hall which houses the Musée Historique. Why? Come and take a look...

  • Picture from The Alsace Ecomuseum

    The Alsace Ecomuseum

    Shades of sepia

    The past, at its own pace. A sepia filter and there you are. Beneath the half-timbered buildings, slowly plodding horses help with traditional tasks. Black Alsace coiffes and traditional costumes, tools and long-forgotten customs. A time capsule, for all eternity.

  • Picture from Museum of Fine Arts

    Museum of Fine Arts

    Off to a fine art!

    It’s the kind of pad you could imagine your family living in. A wonderfully elegant mansion. Unfortunately, it’s already been snapped up. Crammed with old and modern works, it serves as a showcase for Fine Arts. But our favourite feature is the staircase.

La Filature - culture and arts centre

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Legend has it that the choreographer Philippe Découflé planned a routine here to the sweet sound of Eric Truffaz’ trumpet. And that the two of them danced the swing with the singer Brigitte Fontaine. It is also said that the actress Emmannuelle Béart whispered sweet nothings in the ear of the composer, William Sheller. Lost the thread? Well, the cultural thread that the Filature has been weaving for the last 25 years consists only of world music, fusion and invention.

“Culture is not inherited, it is won.” André Malraux

  • Mulhouse 00


    They are the future of art. And collectors are well aware of this. Every two years, exhibitors leave Europe’s most famous art schools and head for Mulhouse to show and sell their works. And all this just a few days before the world-famous Basel Art Fair.

  • Mystery Evening

    Elementary, my dear Watson

    The case is proving difficult. But with the help of Sherlock Holmes wearing espadrilles, Maigret in shorts and Lieutenant Colombo with his nylon stockings, we’ll crack it! Working as a team, we should be able to find enough clues in Mulhouse’s museums to solve the mystery...

  • Alsatian cuisine

    Eat your heart out!

    Eating is an art. And there’ll be no dessert for anyone who disagrees. And no starter. Or main course. Or wine. Ok, so we’re all in agreement that cookery is an art. And even if it was not necessarily born in Alsace, it certainly could have been. In any case, it grew up here.

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    • Monument Tracker

      Pocket guide
      Where did I put my phone? It’s never there when you need it... Oh, there it is. So, dear smartphone, can you tell me what that building is that’s part old and part modern? Really? That’s interesting... And is there anything else to see, mobile darling, within a radius of 150 metres?
    • The ‘Tout Mulhouse lit’ book fair

      Take it as read
      Here, reading is a team sport with literature as its goal - but there are no nets or opponents. You can enjoy poetry on a judo mat or take advantage of a love story or a smash-hit sports autobiography. As well as exhibition conferences and non-competitive friendly match-ups. Live to read, read to live
    • Casino

      Feeling lucky?
      Casinos are all about games and money. In whichever order you wish. But at Blotzheim, in between a go on a one-armed bandit, a hand of poker and a visit to the roulette table, you can also enjoy a number of shows and concerts. And so, for once, everyone’s a winner.